Team Management

Goodbye, Golden Rule. Hello, Rubber Band Rule!

Navigating how to show up respectfully in the workplace can be challenging. We break down these complicated dynamics and discuss tips for finding...

Skill Gaps

Rebuilding 'Castles in the Air'

Programming is the closest thing we have to magic. Should we have to spend years studying in order to do it?


Running a Game Studio

After launching his first indie game solo, Jakub Kasztalski knew that he needed a team to take his studio to the next level. In this episode, Jakub...

Skill Gaps

A Website by Mobile Devs? How Hard Could It Be?

Damien Cavaillès’s developer team brought in a junior web developer who immediately threw everything that they worked on into the trash. Virtually...

Developer Retention

"User Experience Done Right"

Through many years of experience, Alix Han is seasoned in fostering a user-centered culture and partnering with developers in order to create...


A 'Moneyball' Approach to Hiring Tech Talent

This talk with go into detail about what Neeraj looks for in a "Moneyball" algorithmic way, and that oftentimes it's good to focus on the...

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